fm cocktails cat

Irish Coffee

Coffee, Jameson, Irish Cream Topped with Whipped Cream and Creme e menthe

Crown Royal Apple and Rum Chata served on the rocks

Toasty Tail

Hot Chocolate, Absolute Vanilla, Licor43 and a Splash of White Creme de Coco. Topped with Whipped Cream

Moscow Mule

Vodka, Ginger Beer, Lime

Hot Black Tea and American Honey Served with Lemon

Spiced Punch

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Pineapple Juice, and Ginger Beer

Red Sangria

Red Wine, Cherry Brandy, Sprite, Cranberry with Orange Slice and Cherry Garnish

Orange Crush

Absolute Mandarin, Triple Sec, OJ, Sprite

Bird Dog Blackberry Whiskey and Lemonade